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Owners And Facility Managers

Here's how you can ensure the fire-safety systems in your premises meet safety standards & perform efficiently in an emergency...

It's one thing to have a fire management system designed and installed, but largely, it is not the sort of equipment in your business premises every day for the last 10 years with no idea whether or not is will actually do it's job if there is ever a fire.

Here at Endfire Engineering, out main business is ensuring the quality of your business or organisation's fire-management systems.

When we check your equipment and systems, we ensure that the safety of your employees, asses and premises can depend on them. We know the standards you need to meet, and we will make sure you meet and comply with the Australian Standards for Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment AS 1851.

We can ensure that you fire-management equipment meets the necessary standards such as:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Detection + alarm systems
  • Occupant warning systems
  • Hydrant systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Hose reels
  • Extinguishers
  • Gaseous & foam suppression systems
  • Passive fire penetration systems
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Vehicle suppression systems

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